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Fox World Travel
Business Travel Center Central

Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Local Phone: 920-230-6467
Toll-Free: 866-230-8787 (Press 1 for Domestic, 2 for International, 3 for Concur Online Support, 4 for Group Travel)
Agent Team Email:
Concur Travel Online Support
Navigational & Technical Assistance
Phone: 866-230-8787 (option 3)


The UW Team provides the following services:

  • Employee travelers self booking
  • Travel arrangers booking for other employees
  • Travel arrangers booking for individual student traveler, non-employee guest, job interview candidate, etc.
  • Booking travel using a group code/administrative code
  • Booking travel for a group of people
  • Setting up an Administrative Group

Services Support & UW Procedural References

UW System’s Onsite Agent for Individual Non-Employee or Student Reservations

Travel Coordinators be prepared to provide the following information on non-profiled (non-employee, student, new employee, etc.) travelers:

  • Legal name of traveler – As it appears on legal, government issued id
  • Date of Birth – TSA requirement, must be provided in order to issue airline tickets
  • Dates – Departure and return date
  • Times – Preferred times of departure
  • Form of payment – Charge cards only, in compliance with you institution’s payment policy

Meet our UW Team

Our UW travel team consists of nine highly qualified and experienced agents, reporting to Becky. Debbie Talbott, employed by the UW System Travel Office completes the dedicated team. We focus solely on the UW System’s travel program and traveler needs, allowing our agents to utilize their knowledge and relationships created to provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Let’s meet the team members

Agent Image
UW Reservations Manager

Becky has been in the travel industry for 12+ years. She joined Fox World Travel in 2012 in an Operational and Technical Support position. She has spent the majority of her time at Fox as the Business Travel Trainer, training all new hires and onsite associates. In October of 2016 she accepted the role of Reservations Manager for the University of Wisconsin Dedicated Account. She leads the team of 10 associates who are dedicated to providing travel services for the University. Becky is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay where she holds a degree in Business Administration with a Human Resources emphasis.

Becky lives in West Bend WI with her husband and 4 children. She is an avid runner, having finished 8 full marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She also enjoys hiking, biking and traveling (of course!).

Agent Image
UW System Onsite Manager

Debbie has 30 years of travel industry experience; she joined UW System Administration in 2012 as an employee of Financial Administration serving as an on-site travel specialist and assistant travel manager. Debbie is dedicated to managing individual travel reservations for University sponsored interview candidates, invited guests and students.

Debbie began her travel career in 1985 after finishing travel school at The Wilma Boyd School in Pittsburgh, PA. Debbie’s vast experience in both business and leisure travel came with working as a Vacation Travel Specialist, Meeting and Incentive Manager and Corporate Travel Agent for such companies as Hertz, AAA, Total Travel Management and on-site for Bio Technology Company.

Debbie enjoys spending time with her family, boating, and playing golf.

Agent Image
UW Travel Specialist
Kelly has 27 years of travel industry experience; she joined Fox World Travel in 2014.
Agent Image
UW Travel Specialist
Jan has 30 years of travel industry experience; she joined Fox World Travel in 2014.
Agent Image
UW Travel Specialist
Holly has 9yrs of travel industry experience; she joined Fox World Travel in 2015.
Agent Image
UW Travel Specialist
Jennifer has 23 years of travel industry experience; she rejoined Fox World Travel in 2015.
Agent Image
UW Account Services Manager
Mandy attended the Business Travel Institute at Fox World Travel. She also has an Associate Degree in Meeting and Event Management and loves being a part of all aspects of meeting and event planning.
Agent Image
UW Block Space Travel Specialist
Robin joined Fox World Travel in the fall of 2004. She has 26 years of industry experience as a travel agent. Her background is diverse and covers vacation, individual business, group and corporate travel.
Agent Image
UW Block Space Travel Specialist
Paula has 16 years of travel industry experience, 13 years with Fox World Travel previously as a corporate and leisure agent. She rejoined the Fox Team in March of 2014 working with the group air department.
Agent Image
Fox Meetings & Incentives Operations Manager
Stacy has over 26 years of travel industry experience. As the Operations Manager for Fox Meetings and Incentives, Stacy oversees all aspects of the division, including technological and account management initiatives, client satisfaction and operational delivery.
UW Travel Specialist
Sande has 35 years of travel industry experience; she joined Fox World Travel in 2013.

UW Travel Specialist
Vicky has 29 years of travel experience. She joined Fox World Travel in 2016.

UW Travel Specialist
Gail has over 30 years of travel industry experience. She joined Fox World Travel in 2017.

UW Travel Specialist
Michelle has 27 years of travel industry experience and joined Fox World Travel in 2017.