Recent UW TravelWIse FAQs

Individual University business travelers are eligible to receive a meal & incidental expense (M&IE) per diem allowance whenever travel requires an overnight stay. The M&IE per diem allowance covers individual, out-of-pocket meals and defined incidental expenses.

The M&IE per diem allowance includes all meals as well as incidental expenses defined as:

  • Fees and tips given to restaurant wait staff, bell hops, porters, baggage handlers, hotel housekeeping, valet, service staff on trains or ships.
  • Transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals are taken.
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing of clothing
  • Mailing and other expenses associated with filing expense reports
  • Bottled water (for international travel needs)

The M&IE per diem allowances, lodging maximums and mileage rates are set by the federal government and are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that they are in line with the industry market prices for the location.  A more thorough analysis is done every 3-5 years.

The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes the federal mileage rates (for all), M&IE per diem allowances and lodging rates for destinations within the Continental United States. The Department of State (DOS) establishes all foreign M&IE per diem and lodging rates. The Department of Defense (DOD) establishes non-foreign M&IE per diem and lodging rates such as Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions.

For University financial policies and reimbursement plans, the travel governance committee relies on the federal government’s analysis of per diem and lodging rates and now uses these rates to form the maximum rates for University business travel.  Rates will be reviewed for adequacy at least annually.

Yes, the M&IE per diem includes taxes and tips in the allowance, so travelers will not be reimbursed separately for those items.

On the first and last travel days, travelers are eligible for 75% of the total M&IE per diem.  The first day rate is based on 75% of where you will be spending the night. For the last day of travel, you will receive 75% of the total for the location where you spent the night prior to returning to your headquarters.

Day trip travel without an overnight stay does not qualify for the M&IE per diem allowance.  If your day travel requires you to spend money for a meal(s), the approving authority may authorize a $15 day trip meal allowance.  This allowance is tax reportable to you.  If you receive any provided meals for a day trip you will not receive any day trip meal allowance.

No, leave and return times are not required.  All day trip meal allowance reimbursements must have the dates of travel and be supported by a business purpose that supports the need for day travel, without provided meals.

The M&IE per diem allowance does not require receipts for payment.  Do not submit receipts to the University for M&IE per diem.  The I.R.S. does recommend that all business travelers retain receipts for any business travel expenses incurred for personal tax filing purposes.

Any meals (listed as breakfast – including “continental”, lunch, and/or dinner) provided as part of a conference, meeting or event, including those paid with registration, must be deducted from your daily per diem allowance. This includes the first and last days of travel when meals are provided.  Provided meals are deducted using a percentage (i.e.  20% for a provided breakfast, 30% for a provided lunch, and 50% for a provided dinner).  Use the UW TravelWIse Calculator for calculating provided meal deductions prior to trip.

The following do not have to be deducted from your M&IE Per Diem

  • complimentary breakfast included with lodging stay,
  • complimentary airline meals included in ticket (usually provided during over-water flights),
  • externally sponsored receptions (not listed as a formal meal)

Other travel expenses will be based on actual expenses incurred and will be reimbursed with required receipts and/or other supporting documentation according to the specific policy requirements.

No.  The lodging rate are maximums based on actual expense incurred and are not a per diem allowance. Travelers will receive actual lodging costs up to that maximum rate, based on the lodging suppliers receipt details. Therefore, there is no “extra” lodging amount to add to the M&IE per diem allowance rate. Likewise, the M&IE per diem allowance cannot be given up or transferred to lodging costs.

The M&IE per diem allowance is the maximum that will be reimbursed by the University.  If you claimed a per diem over the location amount, it will be reduced to the location amount prior to reimbursement.

For domestic locations:  If your location is not listed within the UW TravelWIse Calculator you need to determine the closest city within the same county as your location.  Rates for each city, extend to other locations within the county.  You can look up the county of your location at

For Alaska, Hawaii, and International:  If your location is not listed, select “Other”.

No.  The reimbursement plan has been designed to fairly compensate all travelers. While the rate maximums apply to all, the supervisor or approving authority may limit a travelers overall trip budget.

For travelers who have trips that span over the new policy and rate changes you will be reimbursed under the current policies (pre-October 5) and rates for the dates of expenses that occurred prior to October 5.

Beginning with expenses incurred October 5 and thereafter, you will be reimbursed according to the new rate maximums (lodging, mileage, etc.) and M&IE per diem allowance plan. Since you are already in travel status, your first day of travel has already passed so you will qualify for the full M&IE per diem on October 5 (less any provided meals).  For your return date, you will be paid 75% of the M&IE per diem (less any provided meals) at the rate for the location that you spent your last night of travel.

No.  A M&IE per diem allowance is only allowed for individual travelers that incur meal and incidentals expenses as a result of over-night travel, pay out-of-pocket and file for their own reimbursement.  If a student traveler does the above, they would file for their own M&IE per diem reimbursement.  If you continue to provide this for the student, they cannot.

When a University group leader provides money to students (or members of a team) for purchase of their own meal the expense limits fall under the same limit structure as what is in the Headquarter City and UW Sponsored Event Policy.  The amount of meal money given should be reasonable and in keeping to the type of student activity/travel and meals being provided.

All meal expenses must be supported by itemized receipts.  In cases where meal money is given to students to purchase a meal on their own, the standard signature form, signed by the student to acknowledge the receipt of meal money, will be used in lieu of the restaurant receipt.

The maximum rates, including gratuity and tax, by location and meal expense type are:

Expense Within Wisconsin  Outside Wisconsin
Breakfast $12 $15
Lunch $18 $23
Dinner $30 $37
Refreshments/Break $10 $10

An individual traveler’s personal meal & incidental expense (M&IE) per diem allowance cannot be used to pay for items related to University Sponsored Events or any other related business entertainment activity that includes meals, food or beverages whether the expense is incurred in travel status or at the headquarter location.

Meal limits, receipt requirements and other documentation for hosting expenses is part of the UW Headquarter City & Sponsored Events policy.  Please review the requirements.

Yes, the M&IE per diem allowance is applicable to all individuals that travel for University purposes.

There should be no impact as each travelers receives their own M&IE per diem allowance when in travel status that requires an overnight stay.  Each traveler must file their own reimbursement claim.

It is highly recommended that conference banquet costs be paid with the registration fee and then reported as a provided meal for deduction from the M&IE per diem.

If not paid as registration, you will be reimbursed the M&IE per diem allowance for the business location regardless of the cost of the banquet meal.  No meal deduction will be required from the M&IE per diem as you paid personally to attend the banquet.

As the University would only reimburse the business travel days, enter the day your you would have returned from business travel (if not extending for personal reasons) as the last day entry in the UW TravelWIse calculator.

Any meals (listed as breakfast – including “continental”, lunch, and/or dinner) provided as part of a conference, meeting or event, including those paid with registration, must be deducted from your daily per diem allowance.  This includes first and last day of travel when meals are provided.  Provided meals are deducted using a percentage (i.e.  20% for a provided breakfast, 30% for a provided lunch, and 50% for a provided dinner).  Use the UW TravelWIse Calculator for calculating provided meal deductions.

Complimentary breakfast included with lodging stay, airline meals included in ticket and provided during over-water flights, or externally sponsored receptions (not listed as a formal meal) have no impact on the M&IE per diem allowance, so no deduction is required.

Yes.  Both the UW TravelWIse portal and the calculator are fully functional on mobile devices.

No.  When making food and beverage arrangements you do not have to spend the maximum amount per meal. Let the food and beverage staff know what your budget is and request food and beverage options that align with your budget.  If you are accustomed to using a hotel’s “state rate menu” to stay within your budget, you can continue to request that.

When a University group leader provides money to students (or members of a team) for purchase of their own meal the expense limits fall under the same limit structure as those specified in the Headquarter City and UW Sponsored Event Policy.  The amount of meal money given should be reasonable and in keeping to the type of student activity and meals being provided.

All meal expenses must be supported by itemized receipts.  In cases where meal money is given to students to purchase a meal on their own, the standard signature form, signed by the student to acknowledge the receipt of meal money, will be used in lieu of the restaurant receipt.

The maximum rates, including gratuity and tax, by location and meal expense type are:

Expense Within Wisconsin  Outside Wisconsin
Breakfast $12 $15
Lunch $18 $23
Dinner $30 $37
Refreshments/Break $10 $10

These type of meal expenditures are considered “hosted meals”.  Meal maximums and policy requirements for hosting a meal are the same as what is contained within the Headquarter City and UW Sponsored Events Policy.

All hosted meal expenses must be supported by a business purpose, itemized receipts and a list of attendees. The meal purchase(s) should be reasonable, need not be at the maximum amount, and in keeping with the type of student activity/travel and meals being provided.

The maximum rates, including gratuity and tax, by location and meal expense type are:

Expense Within Wisconsin  Outside Wisconsin
Breakfast $12 $15
Lunch $18 $23
Dinner $30 $37
Refreshments/Break $10 $10

With travel and related expenses occurring October 5, 2015 and thereafter.

With change to UW System Lodging Policy, effective 2/1/2017, individual lodging reservations are required to be made within Concur or with a Fox agent and travelers will utilize contract hotels at rates negotiated by the University when available in the business location.   See UW System Lodging Program for further details on reservation and payment options.

To help us move toward the goal of a managed travel program, all UW employees were notified about upcoming changes to the airfare policy and procedures.  These changes take effect on January 5, 2015.

Changes include:

  • All airfare purchased or reimbursed with university funds must utilize the contracted travel agency, Fox World Travel, or the on-line booking tool, Concur.  There will no longer be an exception for group or international flights.
  • Self-Booking fees for using Concur and agent fees associated with services at Fox World Travel or Fox Premier will not be charged to the individual traveler, but will be centrally billed beginning at 9:00 am on 1/5/15.
  • A new version of Concur will be available to all UW travelers on 1/5/15.
  • Travelers will need to enter their desired travel times.  The window of convenience default has been set to display only those flights that are within +/- 4 hours of the times of travel entered by the traveler.  Travelers can adjust the window of convenience to up to +/- 23 hours to show more (or less) flight options.
  • Travelers will not be reimbursed for airfare purchases made after 6/30/2015 that are not in compliance with the airfare policy and procedures.
  • Purchase of tickets for groups of 10 or more travelers will follow a different process than that of individual ticket purchases, including required use of the group reservation form and procedures.  Webinars will be held in January 2015 to demonstrate the new procedures for making these travel arrangements.

Any questions should be directed to your institution’s Travel Manager

The UW System began its managed travel program when statutory authority to do so was granted in July 2013 to the Board of Regents. At that time, an airfare policy was implemented that required individual domestic and non-complex international airfare to be booked through our contracted travel agency, Fox World Travel or through our online booking tool, Concur. With nearly 18 months of experience and discernible program benefits, it is an opportune time to roll out the services to all UW travelers.

One of the primary benefits that UW travelers have obtained with this program is a high level of care when travel disruptions or emergencies occur. Fox World Travel has a dedicated support team that assists UW travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the managed travel program has grown, Fox has added travel agents to serve our needs and will continue to do so going forward. Fox has also implemented a new notification application that provides flight updates, including delays, cancellations, and gate changes, via text and email to the on-the-go traveler. Extending these services to student and other UW groups, including international travelers, including students will help ensure the safety and comfort of those that are potentially at the greatest risk when traveling.

Another program benefit is traveler convenience. With improvements recently made to Concur, the online booking tool is more intuitive and user-friendly, and will make self-booking air, car, and lodging faster and more efficient.   It also improves the functionality for staff that book travel on behalf of others.  These improvements will eliminate the need or perceived benefits of surfing multiple commercial sites, which often offer “teaser” fares that are not actually available to travelers. UW travelers are assured the best available rates by booking with Fox World Travel or through Concur, since both have direct access to the airlines’ data and the UW System’s negotiated discount agreements.

Channeling our airfare purchases through these contracted means brings us to a third benefit—the increased ability to negotiate with travel vendors for additional traveler services and savings. The UW System currently has negotiated discount agreements with American, Delta, Southwest, Sun County, and United. Other “soft” benefits, such as penalty waivers, ticket name changes, traveler status and seat upgrades have also been obtained as a result of our agreements. The UW System realized benefits of $1.4M in fiscal year 2015. Further service enhancements can be garnered from the airlines based on the volume of travel in the program.

The new policy went into effect on January 5, 2015, the “grace period”, until July 1, 2015 is to protect those that may have missed the communication and/or not been informed of the new policy.

The grace period is not intended to allow non-compliance for those aware of the new policy. With that being said, you are correct, if you purchase your tickets outside of the contract (Fox World Travel/Concur) prior to July 1st then you can still be reimbursed. We encourage adoption of the new policy as soon as possible to ensure adaption of the culture changes happening with the University’s Travel Program.

The University and contract travel management company, Fox World Travel, stand by the pricing received in the Concur and with Fox World Travel agents, ensuring the lowest possible price for your flight. University travelers have access to all travel supplier pricing in one application, making it efficient in selecting the lowest available fares that meet your business travel schedule.  Concur utilizes the same live pricing and availability offered by the airlines and that full-service travel agents use. University discounts are automatically applied to each reservation.

By contrast other internet booking sites do not use live data or update availability regularly, instead using cached, out-dated information or tease fares that do not reflect the numerous changes to airfare or other travel supplier pricing and availability.   Access to live data is important as both pricing and availability change numerous times per day.

As the University’s travel management company partner, Fox World Travel is committed to assisting the University traveler in finding the lowest fares available that best meet the business needs.  To assure that the University is obtaining the lowest pricing from air carriers, including the University contract carrier partners, Fox routinely audits a random sampling of domestic and international reservations to compare the following:

1. Rate and itinerary booked by users of Concur.
2. Rate and itinerary booked by Fox agents.
3. That all reservations were processed through Fox’s quality control process.

Compared with:
1. Fares on the airline’s website.
2. Fares on three public sites.

Based on these audits, Fox is confident in the ability to offer the lowest price tickets for their client base.  Fox stands behind this by offering the University a low fare guarantee process for individual ticket purchases.  Learn more about that process under procedures.

With over $45 Million in annual air spend, the University must make every effort to protect travel dollars from ever-escalating airline costs. The most effective way to do this is to consolidate volume to leverage University spend with the airlines to increase discounts as the program moves forward.  Effective July 1, 2015 travelers will not be reimbursed the cost of airline tickets purchased outside of the University’s program.

Want to know the secrets in buying low cost airfare?  Read more here

Policy 1201 Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel applies to all University airfare regardless of funding source. To date we have not had any federal grant language presented to contradict use of contracts.

Specific to federal granting agencies, most of the same agencies that award the UW grants and contracts are also managing the travel booking process, including using Concur.  As the General Services Administration has a 15 year contract with Concur for federally funded travel it’s highly unlikely that the new UW required options for booking airfare violate federal grants and contract language.

Read about the GSA contract with Concur

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents was given statutory authority to create a travel program, policies and travel rates for the UW System.  This authority for policy setting, including compliance requirements have been addressed in the Board of Regents Policy Document 21-5Policy 1201 Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel  applies to all University sponsored airfare and those that do not comply will forgo payment, including reimbursement of their business airfare expenses.

Per policy, the approved payment methods for making airfare purchases are University Purchasing Cards approved for travel, institutional or individual liability Corporate Travel Cards. These card products generate rebate for the institutions, increasing travel savings for your institution. Institution card policies vary and your local Business Office has the authority to have a policy that is more stringent on card usage. It is advisable that you discuss payment options with your institution’s Travel Office prior to using personal forms of payment.

The direct benefits are:

  • Consolidation of data for use in discount/contract negotiations, reporting and automation of manual processes
  • Exclusive discounts, contract terms and service enhancements for all University business travel
  • 24/7, Live support and dedicated account management
  • Offering state of the art technology for self-booking travel, utilizing live data from the global distribution systems – eliminating teaser fares
  • Duty of Care – locating and assisting University travelers in any emergency situation, small or large
  • Saving employee time in searching for airfare, hotels, vehicles
  • Reduction and standardization of service fees
  • Tracking, management and reuse of unused ticket values
  • Guest and student travel services
  • International and group specialty travel services

All policies are accessible here in UW TravelWIse, under Policies and Procedures.

The university will pay for the most economical form of transportation to reach your business destination and return. That will often be by air for out of state business. If you elect to travel by car, that’s a personal choice and your reimbursement will be limited to the lowest cost. You will have to provide a cost comparison which includes airfare and all related air expenses (airport parking, taxi from airport to hotel and back, and mileage from home to airport and return), and car mileage and related costs (including additional work hours for travel time) for the travel to the destination and return. This cost comparison, including the additional work hours for travel time, must be discussed and approved by your supervisor prior to travel.

Note: The comparisons will need to be attached to your expense report to support the elective to drive vs. fly and expedite your reimbursement.

For more information see the process guidelines: Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation and 1201 Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel

There are a number of things to consider in this situation, for instance, can you pay to ship the equipment and travel by the lowest cost transportation option? Is it less costly to drive your personal vehicle and carry the equipment with you? Can you rent a car for less than the mileage cost for driving your own vehicle? The university will pay for the most economical form of transportation to reach your business destination and return, including the need to transport the equipment.

You will need to prepare a comparison of the various possible methods of transportation that will meet the need in determining lowest cost. You should then discuss options and cost with your supervisor as the approving authority has responsibility for determining the most appropriate mode of transportation.

For more information see the procedure: Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation

On the home page of the portal, under Book Online Using Concur, select  “Sign-in to view First Time Employee Registration to complete the short registration process.  Be advised that only those with employee status in HRS have direct access to Concur.

If you have any issues with the registration process, contact:

Your institutional Travel Office


UW Online Support Desk
Monday – Friday
Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

The first time you log in to Concur you should change your password. To do this:

  • From the travel homepage, click Profile on the top menu bar
  • Click Change Password
  • Enter your old (default) password and new password information
  • Click Submit
  • Click Profile to complete any profile information prior to booking your first reservation.
  • Click Save after unpdating your profile

Required profile data fields must be completed prior to making a reservation. You are strongly encouraged to provide your cell phone to be used for notifications and alerts while you are in travel status. For more information, see the user guides and tutorials.

For instant assistance with passwords or other profile issues contact:

Your institutional Travel Office


UW Online Support Desk (always free)
Monday – Friday
Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

Your user id is your University email address.

From the login page

  • Click on the Forgot My Password link
  • Enter your login ID (University email address)
  • Select to either Send your password hint or Send a link for password reset
  • Enter validation code
  • Submit

FAQ Reference Image

For Travelers

Your travel profile is a mixture of required data (by the industry, by the TSA, and by the University) and traveler preferences, used for reservations. All profile data is easily accessible from the Profile tab in the booking tool.

FAQ Reference Image

The travel profile is of major importance as the information contained in the profile is used at various times and for various reasons during the booking process, as follows:

TSA Secure Flight Required Data

The following data elements are required per TSA regulations, and must require therefore, every University profile must contain the following data elements:

  • Full Name that matches a non-expired government issued identification document (must match your identification presented at the airline gate)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • DHS Redress Number (only if you’ve been issued this) this is a number that Department of Homeland Security assigns to travelers who have been continuously flagged with previous watch list alerts
  • For International Travel – Passport and/or Visa Information

Industry Required Data:

  • Airline data – Your profile serves as the office Passenger Name Record (PNR) that is passed with every reservation to the airline and TSA for flight manifest, TSA and gate checking purposes
  • Reservation ticketing, credits, refunds, exchanges and emergency support services
  • Traveler preferences – preferred and default charge cards, preferred accommodations, frequent flyer and other membership reward earnings (also transfers with reservations)

University Required Data: Some information is required to ensure the University can collect data and effectively deliver the following services:

  • Email receipting
  • Mobile device booking
  • Travel arranger authority
  • Travel administration and data reporting
  • Online booking tool access (log on, passwords, roles, etc.)
  • University institution and office contact information
  • Cell phone contact information – For traveler safety, security and ability to alert in travel status.

For Travel Arrangers and Travel Managers

Travel profiles are required for travel arrangers and institutional travel managers, even if you don’t travel yourself. Completion of all required data elements is required. Profile data is used for the following:

  • To book on behalf of another employee or guest
  • To utilize a departmental charge card as default payment method for employee or guest travel
  • To receive emailed receipts of reservations booked
  • To support travelers that self-book
  • For access to reporting
  • University institution and office contact information
  • To maintain access rights to the tool (log on and passwords)

The required fields, as indicated in red within your user profile, are as follows:

  • Full Name, including middle name or initial (Must match your government issued identification used at the gate)
  • Your University Division/College/School (Selected from drop down menu choices for your institution, under Company)
  • Your work and home telephone numbers
  • You are strongly encouraged to enter your cell/mobile phone number to receive alerts, notifications or for emergency contact purposes while you are in travel status.
  • TSA Secure Flight Regulation Information
  • Gender
  • Date and Year of Birth

There is a save button under each data field. As you update, save your information.

FAQ Reference Image

FAQ Reference Image

FAQ Reference Image

FAQ Reference Image

Only you as the traveler and those that have a role in making reservations or supporting traveler use (travel arranger, travel management, contract travel agent) have access to the profile information. No one has access to your charge card information as the site is secured, only the last four numbers of a charge card are shown.

While the booking tool and contract travel agency takes all commercial card products, the approved methods for payment of appropriately purchased airfare are the Purchasing Card or US Bank Corporate Travel Card.  Use of these cards generate rebates back to the institution or traveler’s department, furthering containment of travel costs. System institutions may permit payment options beyond these, but travelers should consult with their institutional Travel Manager for additional guidance prior to using any other payment method.

Yes! The booking tool works the same as other e-commerce sites and as long as your travel profile contains the accurate frequent flyer or reward club member numbers, you will continue to earn your rewards. When making full-service reservations, this travel profile information is also used by the agent in ticketing, so this information is passed as well.

Add or update your information using the screen shots below as guidance.

Note: Make sure that your frequent flyer accounts and other reward membership clubs have the same name as your government issued id and other contact information. This information must match with each reservation to ensure that you get your reward accruals. Discrepanies in this data often cause problems with booking in the tool. If there are errors or updates to be made, contact your frequent flyer or reward club member services.

FAQ Reference Image

FAQ Reference Image

Yes, the tool gives you access to live data, 24/7, 365 days a year. Please be aware that if you are booking a reservation within 12 hours of departure you must book directly with an agent to ensure your ticketing is complete for travel.

The UW’s dedicated online support team at Fox is also available 24/7 to help you with the booking tool or resolve any technical issues you might encounter.  Contact info:

UW Online Support Desk (always free)
Monday – Friday
Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

A current list of supported web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Yes. The booking tool, by Concur Technologies, is a leader in mobile booking. Concur’s mobile app is a natural extension of booking tool’s full-featured, web-based service. Travelers can view itineraries, including details on flights, hotels, and rental cars. The mobile app also displays flight information, such as confirmation number, gate information, etc. Travelers can also access air vendor websites (where available) to check in, view and change seat assignments.

Hotel or rental car can be added to an existing itinerary. Where available, the user can call vendors and see a map to hotel or rental car locations. A traveler also has the ability to add or cancel dining, hotels, taxis, or rental cars. Flight information cannot be changed using the mobile app. To download the app, click the graphic on the home page to be taken to instructions for sign-up.

FAQ Reference Image

Alternatively, users can go to the Mobile Registration page under their profile, and request that an email be sent which includes the URL and installation instructions. The free app is available from the following providers:

  • Blackberry: The app can be installed from the Blackberry App World and search for Concur.
  • iPhone, IPod Touch, and iPad: On the smartphone, users can go to the App Store and search for Concur. Users select the Concur Mobile application and select Install.
  • Android: Users can go to the Android Market and search for Concur.

Fox World Travel has a University designated online support team that can assist you with navigation issues, any error messages received, or just general questions that you have during the online booking process. This service is at no cost to you and is available 24/7.

UW Online Support Desk
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

Your institution’s travel management staff are also available to assist you with any questions you may have during normal business hours.

Any traveler is able to designate other employees to book on their behalf by setting up a Travel Arranger/Assistant and/or a Primary Assistant. The travel arranger must have this role access granted to them, in the tool, by the institutional travel manager prior to designating them this authority.

Any traveler that would like to make another employee a travel arranger or primary assistant must follow the steps below to designate that person in their travel profile. Travel arrangers/assistants cannot modify your profile to add themselves. Alternatively, the institutional travel manager can add a travel arranger/assistant to your profile.

Take the following steps to designate a travel arranger or primary assistant:

  • Log in and click on ‘Profile’ in the top blue bar
  • Click on ‘Set Up Travel Assistants’ from the center menu
  • Click on ‘Add an Assistant’
  • Enter the assistant’s last name in the search criteria field and click ‘Search’.
  • Select your assistant from the available search results – if no result, your arranger does not have access, contact your institutional travel manager
  • Click the ‘Can book travel for me’ box

If you’d like to have your assistant be able to edit your profile as well as receive email notification of all bookings also click the box ‘Is my primary assistant for travel’.

Note: This can be set to only one person. You can have multiple travel arrangers, but only one can be designated as a primary assistant. Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Save’ again on the profile page.

For more information, view the User Guide, Selecting a Travel Arranger or Primary Assistant

Fox World Travel is a licensed reseller of the booking tool powered by Concur.  Concur leads the industry in technology, offering live airline and other travel inventory directly to the business traveler. When using the tool, you are seeing the same inventory and availability that professional travel agents see and use for making full-service reservations.

Although users can self-booking their air, hotel, car rentals online Fox World Travel actually completes the quality control checks and ticketing fulfillment. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes for online bookings to pass the quality control and ticket fulfillment process at Fox. Once fulfillment is complete, users will receive their emailed itinerary/e-receipt directly from Fox World Travel.

E-receipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of an email or paper receipt from participating lodging and car rental suppliers. Travelers must opt-in for receiving these e-receipts from suppliers available in the tool, as indicated by the e-receipt enabled icon. (Note: This functionality does not apply to airline itinerary/email receipts received from Fox World Travel).

Travel Arrangers cannot receive these e-receipts directly.  E-receipts go to the traveler.

To enable E-receipts:

  • click the Profile tab to view your profile options
  • then select E-receipt Activation
  • read the agreement
  • click “I Agree” to complete the e-receipt activation

FAQ Reference Image


You can find detailed information for using the Concur booking tool under User Guides and Job Aides. Once there, you’ll find a number of topics addressing use of Concur, including video tutorials that last 3 minutes or less.

If you ever get stuck, UW Online support is only an call or email away.

UW Online Support Desk
Monday – Friday
Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

The University has exclusive discounts and other contract benefits with the following air carriers and their alliance partners:

  • American Airlines (including US Air, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Open Skies, Japan Airlines)
  • Delta Airlines (including Air France, Air One, Alitalia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia)
  • United Airlines (including Lufthansa, Air Canada, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Brussels Airlines)
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines

All contract rates, carrier terms and conditions are confidential and must not be disclosed to any parties other than employees of the Client and Client’s Authorized Travel Management Company.

All carriers that offer contract discounts to the University are listed as “Preferred” in the booking tool search and are designated with a gold diamond symbol. Discount pricing is automatically reflected in Concur and actual discount amount will be reflected on the Fox e-receipt/itinerary. Travelers should select one of the preferred carriers whenever possible which increases the University’s discount potential, airline service enhancements, and fee waivers. All further your department’s travel savings.

FAQ Reference Image

All service fees are paid centrally and are no longer passed to individual customers.  For reference view the Service Fee Matrix.

Unlike other commercial booking sites, the University’s booking tool gives users real-time flight inventory and availability from all the commercial airlines via the industry’s Global Distribution Systems (GDS). All airline options that are available are presented. By policy, the University restricts choices to coach/economy class and non-refundable fares. Oversold flights are also not presented.

The booking tool’s default search is set to search by price and then by preferred carrier (designated with diamonds). With flexibility in search options, users can alternate between search by price or search by schedule to find the best flight to meet the traveler’s business needs. Currently the default search window is set to present flights +/- 4 hours ahead and behind your preferred departure/return times. To narrow your search to hone in on specific flights of interest, adjust your default search parameters.

The booking tool also features the following filters and sort options available during and after initial search:

  • Initial “Window of Convenience” date/time range
  • Direct/Non-Stop flights
  • Fare matrix by airline, price and stops
  • Price range
  • Alternative Airports for Arrival/Departure
  • Connecting Airports
  • Flight Duration
  • Flights by Emissions
  • Number of Stops
  • Price – Highest to Lowest
  • Policy – Most to Least Compliant

For more information on search and filtering view the User Guide Using Filters to Find Preferred Flight Options

Air fares that meet the university definition of ‘lowest appropriate fare’, within the price tolerance, are displayed with a green reserve button. Travelers may select any of these fares and proceed with the purchase or print off the expanded details for the cost comparison documentation. The UW Preferred Carriers, are designated by gold diamond symbols, are: American, Delta, Sun Country, and United. Discount rates are reflected automatically in the price and so it’s cost beneficial for the traveler and the University’s program to select one of the preferred carriers whenever possible. Volume travel spend with these carriers will result in increased future discounts and fee reductions for travelers.

It is permissible to select a fare greater than the lowest, appropriate fare but you may be prompted to select a reason for picking a higher cost flight. Flights displayed in with a yellow reserve button do not meet the university definition of ‘lowest appropriate fare’, so may be purchased only if an appropriate justification is provided. A drop down box will display a list of possible reasons for selecting a fare, but please note that while a reason may be listed, not all are appropriate justification for paying a higher amount. Travelers may be asked to provide further explanation of their airfare selection at a later date.

Help is always immediately available for users of the tool and can almost always instantly correct any technical issues encountered.

First, it is important to understand some of the top issues that cause errors in the booking process:

  • Traveler or Travel Arranger does not have a profile completed with all required data elements for booking
  • There is an expired charge card in the profile, preventing the reservation to complete
  • There is an error in Frequent Flyer or other Reward Member Club information
  • Traveler or Travel Arranger has more than one profile active in the tool (Each user can only have one profile, if you changed UW campuses, and were a user at another, this could be the cause)

Free Online Technical Support:

UW Online Support Desk
Monday – Friday
Hours: 7:00am CT – 7:30pm CT
Phone: Toll-Free @ 866-230-8787 Option #3

No. The use of any air carrier contract or negotiated Fox service fees are reserved for business use only.

This setting is called the default “window of convenience” and is used to advance filter all the live flight options available in the tool. Based on your entry of preferred dates/times, the default setting of 4 +/- , looks 4 hours ahead of your preferred flight time and 4 hours behind your preferred flight time to search and bring back results for consideration. This “window of convenience” setting is very powerful tool in locating flights you may have seen on other sites. When using commercial booking sites, in most cases the initial search brings back flight options that are “low cost” and ignores other preference settings, requiring users to re-sort or search to meet their schedule preference. Concur’s “window of convenience” setting brings back the lowest fares within the user’s preferred schedule window.

FAQ Reference Image

The default window can be adjusted by the user, either smaller or larger time-frame when entering search criteria, depending on user preferences. It should be advised that opening the window greater than +/- 4 hrs. will exponentially increase the number of flights to consider and will impact the search time. This will also potentially not display the most desired flights or the exact flight you’re looking for.

If the air carrier has a direct flight or offers non-stop service these will show up in your flight search.

On the initial flight search tab, you will see a show/hide arrow to the right of the Departure and Return fields. After you enter the departure and arrival cities, dates and time preferences, click the “blue circle with arrow”.

FAQ Reference Image

This will open a graph and display any direct/non-stop flight options based on your search settings. If available, these flights will be indicated by a green bar. Each green bar represents 30 minutes of time. When the user hovers the mouse pointer over a green bar, all of the direct/non-stop flights that are available for that time slot appear. If no results display, there are no direct/non-stop flight options for that departure & arrival city, date, or time slot. If you miss this feature, you will also be reminded during search of any non-stop service during the day of your departure so if your schedule is flexible, you can adjust your departure times to have these options show in search.

Click the “multi-segment” radio button at the top of the search parameter box. The tool will allow you to choose up to six destinations. For complex routing, including international, multi-segment air reservations, contact Fox World Travel for full-service, Toll-Free: 866-230-8787.  Full service can get you the best possible price, including discounts, schedule and seats on complex tickets.

FAQ Reference Image

In the search selections, under your preferred flight option, click on the “More Like This” option to review options with only that outbound or only that return. All other options will be filtered out.

FAQ Reference Image

The booking tool displays live information passed by the airline, including seat maps and current availability, so in almost all cases the seat map should display correctly. Sometimes the airline may not have updated the most recent seat map or may be making changes, rendering it unavailable in Concur until updated. The exception to this would be for reservations on Southwest, as they don’t pass a seat map, using boarding position instead of seat selection. All reservations processed guarantee that you’ll have a seat on your flight. Fox World Travel also monitors seat selections, in accordance with your profile preferences, and will automatically change your seat to more preferred seating if additional choices become available.

FAQ Reference Image

If not urgent, you can re-enter the tool at any time to check for the seat map and choose your seat. Alternatively, you can contact the University’s Online Support Desk by emailing: to see if it’s a technical issue.

Unused tickets and other credits will display at the top of your Company Notes section in the tool and in the airline matrix on the airfare search results page. Institutional Travel managers also receive a monthly report of all non-nonrefundable tickets on file by traveler name. When you book your next flight, the booking tool will remind you of unused tickets and automatically apply the value to the issuing air carrier during booking.

FAQ Reference Image

Note: Any airline penalty charges for change/cancelled tickets will be deducted from the value credit during the booking process.

Booking a car or hotel only reservation can be done in Concur.  If you have e-receipts enabled in your profile you can obtain e-receipts directly from the tool at any time from participating suppliers.

See procedures for options and further guidance in using Concur for Lodging and Vehicle Rental reservations.



Within Concur, on the Travel Center home page, select a trip under Upcoming Trips and click the “ShareTrip” link. Enter the email address of your travel colleague and the sharing feature sends an email to the invitee and adds a travel alert to the colleague’s booking tool home page letting them know that an itinerary has been shared to them. This will allow the invitee to copy/reserve portions of your booked trip.

FAQ Reference Image

In the tool, on the Travel Center home page, click the “Accept Invitation” button in the Travel Information tab. Then click on the “Book Trip” button to book the itinerary. You will subsequently be able to click on the “View Trip Information” link to display the Clone Trip Details screen, and either use the specified flights or customize the search criteria to book your own trip. See the tutorial Using the Clone or Share Trip Functionality for more details.

When booking in the tool, you are prompted through out the process to complete your reservation. Once the process is completed online, Fox World Travel quality control checks your reservation and completes the ticket fulfillment process. The process concludes when you receive your itinerary and e-receipt, via email. This takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The following screen shots illustrate the process.

Confirm the charge card, stored in your profile, to pay for your flight, click “Next”

Note: If you don’t have a saved charge card in your profile, you’ll be prompted to enter a charge card number at this point

FAQ Reference Image

Confirm details of your flight, select your seats and click “Next”

FAQ Reference Image

Enter your trip booking details, including monitoring for better seats if desired, and click “Next”

FAQ Reference Image

Wait for your itinerary to be retrieved

FAQ Reference Image

Confirm your itinerary and click “Purchase Ticket”

FAQ Reference Image

Upon completion, you will see the following message and your booking will be assigned an airline Trip Record Locator Number.

FAQ Reference Image

Your reservation will now be quality checked and the ticket request will be fulfilled by Fox World Travel. Again, this process takes approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour. When complete, your final itinerary/e-receipt will be emailed to you.

After you receive your itinerary and e-receipt, the trip details will show under “Upcoming Trips”

FAQ Reference Image

Contact your institutional Travel Office as soon as you become aware that you will not be going.  They will assist you in cancelling your reservation and will work with Fox and the carrier in an attempt to save as much of the ticket value as possible. If you are not planning future trips, they will work with you to get the ticket value assigned to another University traveler.

If you paid for the ticket from personal funds and your plans have changed through no fault of your own, i.e. the university will no longer allow you to go, the conference has been cancelled, you become ill and cannot travel, etc. you will still be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket. The ticket value will be tracked by the university and will need to be used for your next business trip.

Changes to car or hotel reservations can be made directly in Concur. Please review any terms of these reservations prior to making the change.

Any changes to your airline ticket must be completed by a Fox agent. For more information see the video tutorial, Cancel or Change Reservations.

You have 24 hours from the date/time of ticket issuance to cancel your ticket without airline penalty or incurring travel agency service fees.

After the 24 hour cancellation window, any cancellation of an airline ticket must be done by contacting Fox World Travel, toll-free, at 866-230-8787.  Cancellations beyond the 24 hour window will incur an airline penalty fee.

After cancellation, the full ticket value will be placed in your Concur travel profile to be used for future travel booked.  The airline cancellation penalty for the original ticket will be deducted from the ticket value at the time the remaining credit is applied to the new ticket. See the User Guide/Tutorial Cancel or Change Reservations for more information.

Contact your institution’s Travel Manager and they will assign you the role of travel arranger and also assign your travelers to you.

The Concur booking tool can be used to book multiple reservations but they must be done individually. The University does not allow multiple reservations to be booked together, all at one time, for the following reasons:

  • When air is reserved, every business traveler should have their own airline record locator. If multiple travelers are booked at one time, they are all combined under the record locator for the “first booked” (profiled) traveler
  • Invoices and e-receipts reflect all bookings and are not individually issued, which is against University receipting policy
  • Frequent Flier or other reward information only passes for the first booked traveler. There is ability to add the additional information later but this adds time and complexity to the process
  • The trip details will only show up in the trip library of the profiled traveler, and not any additional travelers
  • Any subsequent changes or cancellations to a flight would have to be done with an agent, incurring full-service fees and then the reservation will need to be split at that point
  • Cars/hotel bookings would be in the name of the profiled traveler only
  • Most importantly – Multiple bookings in the tool changes the functionality and pricing rule as follows: If your searching to book 4 travelers the search will automatically look for a “bucket” of fares for four passengers and will ignore other fare options. So if there are 3 seats available for $250.00 and 5 seats available for $350, it will ignore the $250 “bucket” and the search will only reflect the $350 fare. There is no way to book the 3 seats at the lower fare price and this is the same way it works on other internet booking sites. This model would greatly increase travel costs.

See the Air, Lodging, Ground Reservations Group Procedures or Reservation Matrix for options related to multiple traveler or group reservations.

Trip cloning is a feature that allows a travel arranger to easily make multiple reservations for one trip. The travel arranger makes the first reservation and then “clones” the remaining reservations without having to repeat every step of the booking process multiple times. For detailed information, see other FAQ’s on the topic, or view the tutorial Using the Clone or Share Trip Functionality

To clone a trip:

  • Go to the “Upcoming Trips” tab in the center of the home page and find the trip that you want to clone.
  • Click on the desired trip and from the list of trip actions select “clone trips.”
  • The system will gather the flights for you. If need be, you can adjust a date if an individual itinerary is slightly different. For example, if one of three travelers needs to leave a day early or come back a day late, you can make that adjustment with the cloning feature.
  • You will then see a screen with a drop down tab that displays all persons you are authorized to book for. Select the person for whom you are making the reservation.
  • Go to the bottom and click “Next” to resume the normal reservation process.
  • Refer to your first reservation’s email for trip date, times and flight numbers.
  • Select the same flight and proceed with booking.

You can get further details by viewing the User Guide Using the Clone or Share Trip Functionality

Since multiple reservations can not be made at the same time in the tool, it is recommended that you write down the seat selections from the first booking so you can reference those when cloning the original reservation for other additional bookings on that flight. You may also obtain the seat numbers from the email itinerary you received from the first booking. To learn more about selecting seat assignments, view the User Guide Selecting a Preferred or Preferential Seat.

By default, the seating preference assigned to a guest is the preference set in the traveler arranger’s profile. The preference of seat assignment can be changed after the reservation is complete on the Trip Itinerary page.

On the Travel Details page, when you confirm the booking details. The option is at the top of the page under the Trip Overview section.

This insurance is provided under contract with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

The specific terms of this insurance are described in the insurance brochure.

This insurance provides a comprehensive package of medical benefits and emergency services specifically designed to address the risks associated with study abroad. The coverage is primary.

Specific benefits include:

Medical Expense (per accident/sickness) $500,000 Deductible Zero Accidental Death/Dismemberment $25,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation up to $1,000,000 Repatriation of Remains up to $1,000,000 Team Assist Plan (see below) Included Emergency Medical Reunion (see below) $10,000 Security Evacuation up to $1,000,000

Medical benefits are automatically extended 90 days after expiration of the insurance for conditions first diagnosed or treated while the insurance was still in effect.

The Team Assist Plan provides participants with assistance by telephone in the event that travel-related problems arise. This service is available worldwide 24 hours a day at no extra charge to the participant. The Assistance Provider will coordinate and answer all questions related to claims, medical assistance, travel assistance, and technical assistance.

When an Insured Person is hospitalized for more than 3 days, the Company will reimburse for round trip economy-class transportation for one individual selected by the Insured Person, from the Insured Person’s current Home Country to the location where the Insured Person is hospitalized. Coverage is also provided immediately (to up to 10 days) following a felonious assault (i.e. theft or rape) for victims needing the support of a family member or friend. The benefits reimbursable will include the cost of a round trip economy airfare and their hotel and meals (to a maximum of $250 per day) up to the maximum stated in the Schedule of Benefits, Emergency Medical Reunion.

Current UW System policy (ACIS-7.1) requires that  all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program must purchase insurance for accident and health, repatriation and medical evacuation. Beginning in Fall 2002, purchase of the CISI insurance coverage is required for students enrolled in a study abroad or international exchange program sponsored by a UW System institution. This program is also available to faculty and staff who are involved in educational programs abroad. However, employees may be eligible for benefits under Workers Compensation, while in the course of their employment, regardless of the location of the worksite. Individual employees may also have coverage through their own health insurer, and should confirm this with their carrier, before contacting Risk Management. Also, employees in work status while involved in educational pursuits abroad, have medical evacuation and repatriation through the Europ Assistance program.

For the purpose of this System-wide requirement, a program will be considered to be a Study Abroad or International Exchange program if it meets the following criteria:

  • The program is operated under the auspices of an office with designated responsibility for international programs at a UW System institution
  • The primary focus of the program is academic
  • The program activities occur outside the United States

Enrollment for this program is managed at the institution level. Please consult your institution’s International Education Office or Risk Management Office for specific instructions.

In most cases, enrollment for this insurance coverage is automatic for students participating in study abroad and international exchange programs, and is covered with program fees. Participants in other international activities and programs should check with the sponsoring office at their UW System campus for further information about enrolling for this insurance and obtaining access to the CISI portal for registration.

Prior to departure, all participants will receive an identification card and information explaining benefits under the program and what they need to do to file a claim. Detailed information and forms for filing a claim are included in the CISI insurance brochure.

No, the insurance is not available when traveling in the continental United States.

Persons receiving Continuing Education Units (CEU) for coursework at a UW System institution are students for the purposes of this insurance requirement.

Perhaps. The insurance requirement automatically applies only for students enrolled in study abroad and exchange programs sponsored by a UW System institution.  However, study tours and other university-sponsored activities abroad may require the participants to purchase this insurance.

No. This insurance is intended to provide coverage for university-sponsored academic programs and activities outside the United States, and so does not extend to activities sponsored by student or community organizations or those that are primarily recreational.

To ensure that all students have the standard level of coverage, this insurance is mandatory for UW System students engaged in study abroad or exchange programs, regardless of what other insurance coverage the student may have.

No. Some countries require the purchase of country insurance in order to secure an international student visa, and so purchase of the UW System insurance may seem unnecessary. However, there are some important differences between the two types of coverage. Country insurance generally provides no benefit for medical evacuation and repatriation. Country insurance is specific to the host country, and will not provide coverage for participants who travel to other countries while abroad. For these reasons, the UW System insurance requirement will not be waived in these circumstances. Please note that some foreign consulates may issue student visas without requiring purchase of the country insurance if the participant can provide proof of coverage under a valid group plan. The sponsoring UW System institution and CISI will work with participants to provide proof of coverage letters for submission to consulates.


No – this insurance does not cover any consequence, whether directly or indirectly, proximately or remotely occasioned by, contributed to by, or traceable to, or arising in connection with war, invasion, act of foreign enemy hostilities, warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), or civil war; mutiny, riot, strike, military or popular uprising insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power.

Trip Cancellation coverage provides benefits up to the maximum stated in the Schedule of Benefits, Trip Cancellation, for Loss(es) the Insured Person incurs for trips if cancelled prior to departure. Coverage is provided for losses (after the Effective Date) the Insured Person incurs due to the cancellation of the Insured Person’s trip if caused by:

  • Death of the Insured Person or Family Member
  • The Insured Person suffers a new injury or Sickness. The severity or acuteness of the condition must be so disabling as to reasonably cause the Trip to be cancelled and a Physician has recommended that due to the severity of the condition it is Medically Necessary that the Insured Person cancels the trip. The Insured Person must be under the direct care and attendance of a Physician.
  • The Insured Person is hijacked or quarantined (medical isolation by a recognized government authority at the place of departure) or there is an Epidemic prohibiting travel to the Insured Person’s scheduled destination.
  • The Insured enters full-time active duty in any Armed Forces; and We receive proof of such active duty service.

For all of the above situations, the incident that causes cancellation must occur within 30 days of the scheduled travel dates. The Company will reimburse for the following:

The amount of forfeited, and prepaid, and non-refundable unused payments or deposits that were paid for the Covered Trip. Application fee, confirmation deposit and the insurance fee/premium are not reimbursable.

In no event shall the amount reimbursed exceed the lesser of the amount the Insured Person prepaid for the Covered Trip or the maximum benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits.

Yes, however the sponsoring UW System institution must request cancellation. Refunds are based on the number of full months of remaining coverage.

In addition to the Monthly Rate, there are three short term program rate options (One Week Rate, Two Week Rate, and Three Week Rate).

  • The One Week Rate is for a short term program of 1-7 days.
  • The Two Week Rate is for a short term program of 8-14 days.
  • The Three Week Rate is for a short term program of 15-21 days.

For programs of greater than 21 days please use the Monthly Rate times the number of months needed as you have done in the past (i.e. August 1 to December 13 would still be 5 times the Monthly Rate).

The rates for the 2016-17 CISI policy (effective 5/1/16) are as follows:

Monthly Rate: One Week Rate: Two Week Rate: Three Week Rate:
Per Participant:
Per Participant:
Per Participant:
Per Participant:
Per Dependent:
Per Dependent:
Per Dependent:
Per Dependent:

Trip Interruption coverage provides benefits up to the maximum stated in the Schedule of Benefits, Trip Interruption, for Loss(es) the Insured Person incurs for trips if interrupted after departure. Coverage is provided for losses (after the Effective Date) the Insured Person incurs due to the interruption of the Insured Person’s trip if caused by Death or Life Threatening Accident or Sickness of a Family Member.

Coverage is provided for the cost of a round trip air or ground transportation ticket of the same class as the unused travel ticket to return an Insured Person from the International airport nearest to where the Insured Person was located at the time of learning of such death to the International airport nearest to: (i) the location of the funeral or place of burial in the case of the death of a Family Member; subject to the following conditions and limitations:

  • The Insured Person must be outside of his/her Home Country at the time of the death of the Family Member; and
  • The Death of the Family Member must have occurred during the Period of Coverage.

This insurance does not provide coverage for activities occurring in the United States. However, any student enrolled in a study abroad or exchange program will be required to purchase this insurance, regardless of nationality.

The main portion of this insurance is an accidental death & dismemberment benefit amount for any loss that were to occur when under a covered hazard.

There is travel assistance service coverage provided by our third-party administrator, Europ Assistance; medical evacuation and repatriation is insured up to $500,000.

Medical emergency assistance coverage for worldwide travel while traveling on business for the university outside of the USA. Europ Assistance is designed to ensure the availability of competent health care as promptly as possible in situations where health care may not be available or not be up to U.S. standards. Coverage includes:

  1. 24-hour, seven days a week, toll-free emergency assistance service.
  2. Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage.
  3. Limited Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.
  4. Identity Theft Protection.

This program is not a health insurance program. Employees are covered by worker’s compensation. While the University does not provide, we encourage the purchase of health insurance coverage for student research assistants and family members if their present health care provider does not protect one for worldwide travel.

Only research assistants whose expenses are authorized by and at the expense of the university.

A person on university payroll and/or on official leave due to being granted a sabbatical.

Only if travel is authorized by and at the expense of the university and the volunteer is conducting research on behalf of the university.

Coverage is provided if one is on official leave due to being granted a sabbatical. Family members, however, must purchase their own coverage.

They are not covered by the program and should consider purchasing the appropriate coverage or consult with their health care provider.

Coverage begins upon arrival at first touchdown site and is within 72 hours of beginning one’s employment at the jobsite. Coverage is also included for up to 72 hours of personal excursion before, during and after a business trip. If additional time is needed for personal travel the employee may purchase additional coverage through a travel assistance provider such as International Scholastic Overseas Services (SOS).

No, the University will not cover this. Coverage must be personally purchased for personal travel. However, one will receive coverage for up to 72 hours of personal travel before, during and after a UW business trip.

Coverage is provided for up to 72 hours of personal excursion before, during and after a business trip.

Consult with your institution travel manager or institution Risk Management Office. They will furnish you with a card, which you are to carry with you. The card will have the necessary phone numbers should they become necessary. Carry your any of your regular health insurance cards with you as well.   See more information here in the portal under International Travel Guidelines and Rates – International Travel Insurance.

Coverage ceases immediately when an employee leaves UW employment.

Call the telephone number on your Europ Assistance card.  Europ Assistance is to be informed as soon as possible. Representatives are experienced in referring you to appropriate medical attention and if need be, who to contact for medical evacuation. They will make the necessary arrangements for you. As mentioned earlier, carry your regular health insurance cards with you in addition to your Europ Assistance card.

More information can be obtained from your institution’s Risk Management Office.

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